Government Censorship in Dubai UAE

Government Censorship in UAE

If UAE citizen cover themselves out of modesty, you can imagine how UAE citizen feel about nudity in the media. All cinema releases go through a process of Government censorship in UAE, who edit out sexy scenes. Similarly, offensive content is blacked out of magazines and blocked on the internet. Remember this when packing. When you arrive, your DVDs, CDs, books, magazines or computer may be confiscated temporarily for the content to be checked. Books bought outside the UAE are not immune to this law. It is also illegal to defame any member of the ruling families of any of the emirates.

UAE welcome people of all faiths into the country, so it is not illegal to bring your religion’s holy book. One of the central tenets of Islam is the belief in God. For this reason UAE consider Christianity and Judaism to be related to their faith, but UAE don’t discriminate against people of polytheistic religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism.

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