Solo VPN Download Guide in UAE

Solo VPN Download Guide in UAE

Solo VPN is essential in UAE because most of the websites and Voice over IP services like Facebook Call, Skype and WhatsApp are blocked in the country.  You can use VPN services but only for business related purpose and as long as you don’t use it to hide or commit a crime. Bellow are the steps on how to download free Solo VPN.

Steps on How to Download Free Solo VPN in UAE

  • Goto google play store and search for Solo VPN as keyword.
  • From the search result, click the Install button fallowed by confirming the permission need for the app.
  • After you install the Solo VPN open it and click on Connect button to start the VPN service and make your connection encrypted.

If you’re looking for Solo VPN PC version then you need to have android emulator to run it since Solo VPN PC version is still not yet available. You can install and use Bluestack or Knox android emulator on your PC and then install Solo VPN on it.  You can fallow the same guide above when installing Solo VPN on bluestack or knox.

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