Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

Are you craving for shawarma? if so, then check our top 10 best sharma in dubai. We only select the best shawarma store that are located in dubai that offers extra ordinary twist to a shawarma sandwich.

Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

  1. S’wich Shawarma

    S'wich Shawarma - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    Shawarmas. We grew up on them. We love them. And like about a billion other people, we can’t live without them. But they haven’t changed one bit since, like forever. We’re talking the same handful of heartburn from Turkey to Tajikistan and a million street corners in between. And frankly, that’s made them boring. Where’s the choice? Where’s the healthy stuff?

    Call us crazy, but we believe food should taste good and be good for you too. So we took the old-fashioned street-style shawarma, threw in two hungry entrepreneurs and a celebrity chef then s’wiched it all up. We re-designed and re-crafted every part of the beloved shawarma. We baked our own breads, found local and organic suppliers, created our own sauces, and sourced premium ingredients you won’t find anywhere else.

    You can create your shawarma any way you like, from thousands of choices. Then you can name it, save it and share it with others in the s’wich community. Every s’wich has been designed as a journey of culinary delight. We’ve combined Michelin Star cooking practices to every part of our food preparation. From the freshness of the ingredients to the preparation of every meat and sauce, we’ve designed every bite you take to be a gourmet experience.

    For more information about S’wich menu, store location and online order, please call 800 79424.

  2. Shawarma Factory

    Shawarma Factory - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    With a vintage feel and a twist of industrial modernity, Shawarma Factory is a Middle Eastern F&B concept which creates an experience beyond any Shawarma serving chain. Made to order, using farm fresh ingredients, we create Shawarma’s that follow the customer’s choices and taste every time they visit.

    Though the taste is authentic Middle Eastern, when it comes to the ambience, we move away from the traditional and embrace the industrial revolution. The ‟Factory-like look” that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy reds to the polished stone and wood. Our Shawarma is available for dining, take out, and home delivery.

    For more information about Shawarma Factory menu, store location and online order, please call +97145547318.

  3. Al Farooj Shawerma

    Al Farooj Shawerma - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    Farooj means little chicken a fond and familiar name for having cooked chicken that has become the iconic part of the farooj brand and its loyal following. Farooj has come to mean so much more with the name now used to refer to our famous Shawerma and our other sandwiches, plates and meals.

    The Farooj tastes were lovingly developed 30 years ago in “mammas kitchen” to give that local, unique and original flavor we all know and love to this day.We have not changed the taste in all these years, as it was right from the beginning – as they say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Now we add to the menu with the careful planning that mamma would have done giving the customer only the finest of this cuisine.

    For more information about Al Farooj Shawerma menu, store location and online order, please call 600 522255.

  4. My Shawarma, Dubai

    My Shawarma - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    My Shawarma is a unique fast casual restaurant concept serving a variety of Shawarma’s and other sandwiches. It is a concept inspired by the traditional Arabic shawarma and its fusion with various culinary traditions found in the rich cultural diversity of the UAE. We offer a simple menu of great food prepared fresh each day, and then serve the food quickly, in a stylish and contemporary atmosphere.

    At My Shawarma, we aim to provide an authentic shawarma experience with a modern touch. We use only the freshest local produce to create simple, flavorful dishes. We don’t just use locally-sourced products in our food; we also use traditional materials and objects to create an eclectic dining space that is representative of the street culture the region.

    In a world of fast food and a lack of true consideration of consumer health, the restaurant will pursue a different direction and position itself as a “fast-casual food”. We are committed to serving our customers within their time constraints, and in fun and stylish environment. My Shawarma is managed by the same team as the “Barbecue Delights” restaurant concept which currently operates 4 restaurants in Dubai.

    For more information about My Shawarma menu, store location and online order, please visit

  5. Shawarma Twist

    Shawarma Twist - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    Established in 2010, Shawarma Twist is a Lebanese concept that came into life with a sole purpose “to serve high quality, non-fatty and healthy variety of shawarmas to the hungry crowds”. Throughout the years, Shawarma Twist gained popularity thanks to its delicious taste, non-fatty food and impeccable hygiene standards.

    Shawarma Twist was the first shawarma joint to offer Australian beef, 100% chicken breast and many innovative signature items on its menu, some of which are unique items that received continuous praise from customers. To name a few: Knefeh Shawarma, Burger Shawarma, Fish Shawarma, Sujuk Shawarma, Knefeh Spring Rolls, Chocolate Spring Rolls, Beef Shawarma Spring Rolls, Chicken Shawarma Spring Rolls.

    For more information about Shawarma Twist menu, store location and online order, please visit

  6. Shawarmanji

    Shawarmanji - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    Launched in Beirut, Shawarmanji became quickly the ultimate reference for the original shawarma taste. Our goal is to maintain consistently high standards of quality food served in a clean, vibrant and upbeat environment. Our standards of service reflect a culture of excellence, professionalism and cheerfulness. The members of our staff are our primary asset and are constantly encouraged to develop confidence, ability and skills. Above all, they will be given the same trust, respect and positive attitude within the company that they are expected to share with each of our customers.
    For more information about Shawarmanji menu, store location and online order, please visit

  7. Zaroob

    Zaroob - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    Zaroob, literally translates to “small alley”. It is a concept which was inspired by the traditional street food vendors found around the Levant region. Zaroob captures the best and most authentic aspects of wholesome, simple cooking and brings the atmosphere of a theatrics ambiance and the history of Arab street food to a modern audience. The live cooking stations, open kitchens and a variety of decoration from the Arab world so that diners can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that are experienced when walking through a traditional street or market in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. The outside terrace also provides the perfect dining space during the cooler seasons. Zaroob stands out from other restaurants in the area due to its eye catching unique design and interior decor. People will love to come and go because of the relaxed ambiance that Zaroob represents.

    The menu appeals to a wide and varied clientele. The traditional dishes that we are offering have been taken from recipes handed down through families from one generation to the next. Oven Baked Manou’she an authentic wood fired flat bread that is served open or folded with various choices of fillings such as cheese, sumac, za’atar and meat.

    For more information about Zaroob menu, store location and online order, please visit

  8. Manoushe Street

    Manoushe Street - Top 10 Best Shawarma in Dubai

    It started in the humble village homes of loving mothers preparing breakfast for their children, something to eat on their way to school. That is the story of how the manoushe tradition began. What started as homemade food eventually reached the bustling street corner bakeries, making the manoushe available to all, a staple authentic Lebanese food, to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

    Staying true to our tradition and heritage, Manoushe Street was born right in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan cities. Dubai embraces tradition and from that we draw our inspiration to carry on the tradition and authenticity of the mothers who would wake up early in the morning just to make a manoushe.

    For more information about Manoushe Street menu, store location and online order, please visit

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