Where to Buy Alcohol in Dubai

Where to Buy Alcohol in Dubai

On this guide we will inform you on where to buy alcohol in Dubai. If you are over age 21 you can buy alcohol at Dubai’s restaurants and licensed bars, and a few sports clubs, for consumption on the premises. Some hotel restaurants also offers a dinner buffet with alcohol in Dubai. If you want to drink at home you’ll need a liquor license; just how much you’re permitted to buy depends on your monthly wages and Muslims are not permitted to apply.

Two firms operate liquor stores in Dubai: African + Eastern (A+E) and Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI). Both have branches in a number of locations around the city, the most handy being those nearby supermarkets. The choice is decent, and costs aren’t as bad: wine prices from around Dhs.35 and upwards; vodka from Dhs.60; whisky from Dhs.80beer and beer from Dhs.4 to Dhs.8 per can or Dhs.100 into Dhs.135 per instance. Alcohol is, nevertheless, subject to 30% tax on the marked price.

There is a fantastic choice of alcohol available in the airport Duty Free. The alcohol available in the airport is comparable in price to the stores in the city, but you do not pay the tax.

There are also a variety of ‘hole in the wall’ stores near Dubai (in the northern emirates of Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain) that sell duty-free alcohol to members of the public, even in case you don’t have a license. Rates are reasonable and there’s absolutely not any tax. You will not need to worry about being busted buying booze illegally, but you should be careful when driving home; it is the transporting of alcohol which may get you into trouble, especially if you’re stopped within the boundaries of Sharjah, which is a’dry’ emirate. There have been reports of arbitrary police checks on vehicles driving from Ajman into Sharjah. Moreover, for those who have an accident and you are found to have a boot full of spirits, your day could have a sudden turn for the worse.

African + Eastern

Spinneys Centre Al Safa two 04 394 2676
Map 2 B5 Metro Noor Bank
With convenient locations across Dubai, a huge array of products and regular promotions, A+E outlets remain a fantastic place to buy wine, spirits and beer. Its stores sell the normal brands and a couple of imports of Japanese and German beer.

Al Hamra Cellar

Al Hamra Village Ras Al Khaimah 07 244 7403
Around an hour’s drive from Dubai along Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd, this license-free store stocks an awesome choice of beers, spirits and award-winning perfumes at excellent tax-free prices -such as wine specially chosen by guru Oz Clarke.

Barracuda Beach Resort

Nr Dreamland Aqua Park, Khor Al Baida
Umm Al Quwain 06 768 1555 barracuda.ae
A tax-free, license-free booze emporium that’s popular with Dubai’s residents. There’s a superb choice, including the regular brands of beer, wine and spirits.

Centaurus International

Ras Al Selaab Ras Al Khaimah 07 228 3117
Another licence-free ‘hole in the wall’ socket that provides a fantastic array of products. You can view its array of beer, wine and spirits on its online store, and it also provides a delivery service.

Le Clos

Nr Gate 214 Dubai International Airport 04 220 3633 leclos.net
Map 2 P8 Metro Airport Terminal 3 This exclusive store in Emirates Terminal 3 provides a premium selection of alcohol which can only be pre ordered on death and collected on arrival at the terminal. See the website for additional information.

Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI)

Trade Centre Rd Al Mankhool 04 352 3091
mmidubai.com Map 2 L5 Metro ADCB
Similar to A+E, with a wide choice of global beverage brands and a few lesser known names. To find the best value for money, start looking for its particular ‘bin’ with discounts on wine where you are able to select new or less known brands which are on promotion. Do not overlook your liquor license. See website for other stores.

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